Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs Colorado

   If you are interested in buying one of the many Homes for sale in Colorado Springs Colorado, Eric Richards, a Real Estate Agent in Colorado Springs, will provide you with professional, honest customer service throughout the buying and selling process.   

 Eric Richards specializes in Homes for Sale in El Paso County and Home Sales in Colorado Springs, including many of the outlying areas. Homes for Sale in Falcon Colorado, Peyton Colorado Real Estate, Homes for sale in Fountain Colorado, Homes for sale Briargate Colorado Springs, Homes for sale in Security Widefield Colorado, Homes for sale in Rockrimmon Colorado Springs, Northgate Homes for Sale, Monument Homes for Sale, Pine Creek Homes, Central Colorado Springs


 Eric Richards and his work ethics are top notch. He is highly trained, motivated, and more importantly, experienced enough to help you! With his expert(but humble) knowledge of Real Estate in Colorado Springs CO, you will have a pleasant and seamless transaction.

Once we connect, the system sends automatic updates straight to your email. This passive search for homes for sale in colorado springs colorado is brilliant to say the least.

  • You will receive an automatic email from Eric Richards

  • Everytime a home takes a price drop

  • a new home is added to the MLS

  • or a home that is sold with in your search criteria

 Find Houses for sale in Colorado Springs, and all Real Estate in Colorado Springs Co.

 So if you are undecided on a New Home in Colorado Springs or an existing home or a single family home or a townhouse, Eric has you covered.

For potential home Sellers Eric has another invaluable resource — information on your neighborhood!

As a Real Estate Agent in Colorado Springs, I can design the reports around you and your home. Want to focus on a particular home improvement design? I can narrow the search to show when a home sells with wood floors, or a larger lot.

As a top Real Estate Agent in Colorado Springs, Eric has the experience and track record you are looking for. Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest events of your life.

Make it a great and stress-free experience by working with the one of the best in real estate. Call Eric Richards @ 1-719-321-4727.


El Paso County Property

El Paso County Property

El Paso County Property If you are searching for a nice place to live in Southern Colorado, check out El Paso County Property.  This area encompasses more sought out locations to live than most of Colorado combined.  Broadmoor, Pinecreek, Monument, Old Colorado City, Falcon, Briargate, Peyton, Fountain, and many more. Whether it’s ranch land or …

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real estate in Colorado Springs CO

Real Estate in Colorado Springs CO

Real Estate in Colorado Springs CO Searching for Real Estate in Colorado Springs CO is tiring. Search with me, I will make the whole process easy. Finding the perfect home(depending on level of pickiness can be exhausting. Answer to this dilemma? Use a real estate agent in Colorado Springs. Imagine yourself starting to search for homes …

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Finding Fountain Bank Owned Homes for Sale

Ray of Light Shines on Fountain bank owned homes Fountain Homeowners Should Track This One   A few weeks ago, Bank of America initiated a pilot program allowing Fountain homeowners facing foreclosure to remain in their homes as renters.   There are important reasons why Colorado Springs  homeowners should be interested in the success or failure …

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Falcon Home Listings: I will sell your Falcon Home

You’ve Got 5 Seconds To Sell Your Falcon Home Your Falcon Home Deserves a Hero Shot! Falcon Home Listings: Curb Appeal Will “Git ‘er Done!”     As a whole, we Americans are an interesting group.  We are smart, educated, involved in our community…and, not unlike the rest of America, our attention span is about 5 …

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Property Listings: Homes for sale in Colorado Springs Colorado

Property Listings: Homes for sale in Colorado Springs Colorado With Spring in the air, notions of “fresh starts” and new horizons have a way of pushing into just about everybody’s consciousness. It’s only natural, whether because of the weather, school schedules, or everything else around us that seems fresh and new. And something else is …

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About Stealing That Luxury Foreclosure Home

Second Houses Begin to Make Sense Again Investment & Vacation Home Markets Waking Up!   The investment- and vacation-home markets have been among the first to show signs of real estate resurgence, according to the people who keep track of such things (as usual, the National Association of Realtors® is one). It might seem unlikely, …

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