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Sell my home in Colorado Springs, in 2011

Sell my home in Colorado Springs in 2011

Ask yourself and your Real Estate agent, “how do I sell my Home in Colorado Springs“?

Sell my home in Colorado Springs

Home in Colorado Springs

 Frequently, especially now, I spend a lot of time counseling sellers, when they as the question, “how can I sell my Home in Colorado Springs?”   Or at least improves in their mind.  Selling your home in Colorado Springs in 2011, will be difficult but not impossible.  This is a tough market because the pricing game is a moving target.  The prices are driven down because every other seller accepts a lower offer, thus driving down listing price. What the buyers want confuses me, and I must remind them, “prices are down already so stop undercutting a home you love”

I want to address a few key points about selling.  Renting will come in later articles.  If you are going to sell your home in Colorado Springs consider this.  Why would any scrutinizing buyer select your home over another in the neighborhood or price range?  Well the answer is simple.  You didn’t market to that buyer.   That’s right you didn’t market to them.  It is not a function of your desires to sell and sticking a sign in the front yard, it is the combination of good pricing, cleanliness, and general feature appeal that got that contract submitted on your home for sale in Colorado Springs.  That is successful marketing.

sell my home in Colorado Springs

Home for sale in Colorado Springs

Second point is you and your real estate agent in Colorado Springs, are a team.  If you have a facebook account, twitter, myspace, or any other major networking website profile then let everyone know your home is for sale.  Think of the 5 degrees of seperation.  I know your home isn’t going to be bought by your best friend, but her sister who is moving to town might be looking to move into Colorado Springs.   Think about it.  Your efforts can easily combine with mine, not conflict.  Same goal.  Sell the home.

Third point is you are your homes biggest assest.  Treat it with care when you when want to sell it.  Update the features, fresh coat of paint, maybe a new appliance, maybe some new carpeting or flooring. 

After all what would make you buy your home all over again?

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