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A better way to search for homes for sale in Colorado Springs Colorado?

A better way to search for homes for sale in Colorado Springs Colorado?

So there you are sitting at home with your wife or husband, kids, 2 dogs, and a cat and you start the conversation, “I wonder if we can buy a home this year?”  Or perhaps it is time to trade up?  Your thoughts run to the interent and power of GOOGLE.  So you start searching.  Using the keyword “homes for sale in Colorado Springs Colorado” you come up with 952,000 results!

Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs Colorado

Google Search results page

Wow! How overwhelming is this?  You can’t possibly search all these pages and expect to find your dream house.  Sure these websites will offer lots of homes to see, but more than likely you will get burnt out in 20 minutes.   Statiscally you will settle on the 3rd website you visit, register with the agent or website provider(cases like Realtor.com, Homes.com, and Zillow.com) and wait to be contacted.  That might or might not happen. 

If you really want to be contacted, either by phone, email, or text message, try Contacting Eric Richards.

I will set up your perfect home search, with you giving me your criteria of the search.  This makes your life SO simple!  You just wait for the emails to show up.  Which by the way, they only show up when a home experiences a price drop, a home is listed for sale, or a home goes under contract and is removed from the list.

homes for sale in Colorado Springs Colorado

Personalized Client Portal link

You will see the arrows pointing out the description you had me enter into the MLS matches your description exactly.   When you click on the blue link titled 4 bed 3bath w/ land, it will take you to this page.

homes for sale in Colorado Springs Colorado

Personalized client home page

This custom link is available to search anytime you want.  No registering, no searching countless websites, and no more headaches.  Just open your email! 

If your search has to change, it can be altered to fit the new search.  Or I can leave the existing one in place and I can create a new one.  By the way, all this free!

Try contacting me today, a Real estate agent in Colorado Springs who wants to help you buy or sell your next home!

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