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Sell my home in Colorado Springs. To stage or not to stage?

Sell my home in Colorado Springs, to stage or not to stage?

This is my visit to a persons house who asked, “how do I sell my home in Colorado Springs

I am walking up to the home.  Notice to the yard, it looks pretty good.  No horrendous weeds or plants that could eat me.  Driveway is clean a well kept.  The paint isn’t falling off the home and brick is nice and clean.  So far so good.  I walk up into the front porch area and notice the windows are clean, the door is spotless, and the door mat doesn’t carry every pets’ hair in 2 block radius.  I do think I can help them sell their home in Colorado Springs.  I like this home and am eager to talk to these home-owners.  I ring the door bell, they come to door and greet me.  I reply with, “My name is Eric Richards and I am here to help you sell your home.” 

Sell my home in Colorado Springs

Home with nice front yard

I am here because they visited my website EricRichardsRealEstate.com.  I walk in the door and….

Oh my god, the place is a mess.  The home-owners look like they are still unpacking from the last move.  Furniture is dirty, the paint doesn’t match a thing in the house, and the kitchen looks like a 4-year old hit piñata filled with flourAt this point the front yard could have giant snowglobe full of gold coins and this home couldn’t sell in Colorado Springs.

Sell my home in Colorado Springs

staged bathroom

To stage or not to stage.  This is an extreme example, but some simple efforts can go a long way.  Your intention is to clean and place your furniture in the way you need it to service your family.  That might be right, but more than likely it isn’t right.  Staging helps to draw visitors attention towards the main features and away from eye sores.  A well staged home can sell in 75% less days on market than a home with no staging efforts. 

I am huge fan of staging for lived-in homes.  For the recently remodeled homes I am still undecided.  A stagin effort can cost time and money and is moving target.  A professional can come in, charge you up to $1000 and you might ask yourself aftwards, what did they do to justify it?  A long talk with your realtor might help.  Go see some other homes in your competitive market and then ask do I need some help staging?  Or just a good cleaning.  Or a snowglobe full of gold coins?

To learn how I can help you sell your home in Colorado Springs, call me. 719-321-4727  Eric Richards

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