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Your home inspection on El Paso County Property

Your home inspection on El Paso County Property


El Paso County Property

Home in El Paso County

So you have just made your offer on the home of your dreams.  After searching all the El Paso County Property for days and days you finally got one under contract!  Congratulations now the relationship with your new home begins.  First I recommend getting an inspection.  An inspection is an important part of the contractual process that can help discover any potential problems with home.  If there are items of concern you and your agent, Eric Richards, can address them in the Inspection Resolution Notice.  This form is an official Colorado State approved form.  If the inspection results in anything you are not comfortable with and no amount of fixing it(by the sellers or you), you can choose to terminate the contract and get your earnest money back.  That is your right as the buyer.

El Paso County Property

Kitchen to be inspected

The most common items to come in the inspection are the roof, the windows, the furnace, the water heater, the washer/dryer, dish washer, and electrical system.  Your inspection agent will attempt to address any and all potential problems with any of these items.  How are the problem items handled?  Using the example of the water heater, your agent(Eric Richards) will recommend to have this item replaced by the sellers.  This will give you, the buyer, a brand new water!  After all you need and want hot water.  Now this scenario is an example, and this doesn’t happen to all El Paso County Property that is for sale.

You can’t allows expect the seller fix everythign with the home.  Sometimes the item of concern might be the roof.  A roof can be expensive.  If their insurance policy won’t cover it, then you and seller may need to come a new agreement on the contract price.  For example, if the roof costs $5000, then you could raise the price of the contract by 1/2 the cost of the roof($2500) and the seller could pay the rest.  You get a new roof and the seller doesn’t get hit for a $5000 bill.  That way everyone wins.

El Paso County Property

Home needing a roof inspection

An inspection can also be great way to discover more about the home you previously toured for 20-30 minutes.  Spend sometime sitting on the couch to see if you like the layout.  Re-walk the backyard to discover new landscaping you didn’t see before.  Or perhaps measure the garage to make sure your car will fit.

In summary the inspection is an important part of the contractual process.  After discussing all this, would you believe 80% of my past customers do not get an inspection?  You have option to spend $300 to find any problems that mioght come back to cost you more money in the end.  Isn’t that worth $300?  So please when looking at El Paso County Property for sale, get an inspection.

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