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New Home Inspections in Colorado Springs, are they worth it?

New Home Inspections in Colorado Springs, are they worth it?

New Home Inspections in Colorado Springs, are they worth it?

Utility room.

Some clarification for you on “Inspections”

I should point out that EVERY house built, that includes all New Homes For Sale in Colorado Springs, in El Paso county is inspected by the Pikes Peak Regional Building department. These inspections have 7 steps. Foundation, framing, electrical, roof, HVAC, plumbing, and final. These are licensed inspectors. The VA also has all the plans submitted to them prior to a single home of this floor plan, say The Jackson” is ever built. The VA has minimum building standards and your VA appraiser will note these items are done correctly.

New Home Inspections in Colorado Springs, are they worth it?

Your inspection you want done… Is done by a 100 hr course certified inspector. Not licensed. These individuals do not comment on building code. In fact they will tell you they don’t comment on building code. They merely examine your home and look for items that might be safety concerns. These safety concerns are REQUIRED to be fixed by building code that the fore mentioned LICENSED inspectors catch during their Home Inspections and FORCE the builder to do in order to grant the home with a certificate of occupancy.

I have a great deal of respect for the LICENSED inspectors as they represent the safe-ness of code mandated items of your new home. And these LICENSED inspectors do their job for FREE to you. However, certified inspectors charge you $175-$400 depending on size of home(this one will be $400). I have been on many NEW Home Inspections and the most I have seen the certified inspector catch is a light switchplate that needed to be tightened. The customer paid someone $300 for that.

Every home builder gives you a 1 year EVERYTHING’S included warranty. This warranty is always good for 1 year. The builders fix anything. I can provide you with countless references to great builders’ impeccable service record. They also give you a variable time warranty on the foundation that varies with each builder. Your foundation is covered by state and VA law. The certified home inspectors don’t tell you that.

New Home Inspections in Colorado Springs, are they worth it

3 days before your loan closing, you, your family and I will walk through the home. We will turn on every light, flush every toilet, open every window, open every cabinet door, every door in the house, activate all water faucets(showers, sinks, laundry space, outside spicketts). Then we go around with the building superintendent and mark all defects with a roll of blue tape. The BUILDER FIXES EVERYTHING YOU MARK. My trained eyes are constantly watching this. Then you close the loan and get the warranty.

Anytime you find something after you move in, you send them an email and qualified contractors show up and repair the problem. I promise they will fix it! Their reputation is on the line.


Home Inspections in Colorado Springs, are they worth it?

Get an Inspection on a Foreclosure


If you still want to get the inspection I strongly recommend you have the certified inspector come in while you are living there in month 11 of the 12 month warranty period. A fresh set of eyes can catch a lot. The builder will come back in and fix it.


If you buy an existing home, this is where a certified inspector earns their money. I HIGHLY recommend people do this inspection then. In fact I have them sign a form stating I can not be held liable if they DO NOT get an inspection.

Just looking out for you:)

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