Homes for sale in Rockrimmon Colorado Springs

Want to live in the Rugged Mountain Countryside, but be really close to Colorado Springs, Try searching

Homes for sale in Rockrimmon Colorado Springs.


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  • Most homes were built in the 1980′s and they still possess the alure when they were first built. Every home is unique in Rockrimmon…

  • Every home is a unique piece of Colorado. 

  • Some have massive stone fireplaces, other have large multi-level decks. 

  • Others might be massive 6000 sq foot 2 stories perched on a hillside over looking the Air Force Academy.

homes for sale in Rockrimmon Colorado Springs
Air Force Academy Chapel

  This area has small to large lots of land that are still available for sale today even though the area was built up 20 years ago.  Keep in mind all these features drive the value up so you can expect to pay a premium for nice homes and the land they occupy.  Find the best Homes for sale in Rockrimmon Colorado Springs here!

   For the nature enthusiast you can’t beat Rockrimmon.  The homes are placed randomly throughout forested hillsides and neatly cleared city parks.  Find deer crusing through your backyard at all hours of the day, feed the birds, and watch the sun set right over Pikes Peak(which is literally in your backyard).

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