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Apr 20

What are Colorado Mortgage Brokers saying? Rates Are Rising!

When mortgage rates began to rise in January, it caught the attention of a lot Colorado Mortgage Brokers of future Briargate homebuyers. If they had been enticed by the record-breaking low mortgage rates that had been headline news for so long, many of them began to reconsider their leisurely home-hunting pace.  Now we have an interesting turnaround: on …

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Apr 10

Just How Valuable are “Property Values”?

Property Values

  It’s a little bit like real estate’s Rite of Spring: ‘for sale’ signs sprouting on Briargate lawns like new flowers finding the area’s April sun. And since we are used to hearing how “property values” are still battling to rebound, this April the ‘Sale’ part of those signs is likely to be taken more literally …

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Apr 09

To Buy a Home or Rent: That is the Question

It’s a fact that many folks in Briargate and Pine Creek decide not to buy a home. Aiming to save some cash, they rent instead. They may feel that it makes more sense to work on rebuilding their portfolios, put some extra cash into a rainy day fund, save for retirement, or for college — for any …

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