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Mar 01

Sell my home in Colorado Springs. To stage or not to stage?

Sell my home in Colorado Springs

I am walking up to the home. Notice to the yard, it looks pretty good. No horrendous weeds or plants that could eat me. Driveway is clean a well kept. The paint isn’t falling off the home and brick is nice and clean. So far so good. I walk up into the front porch area and notice the windows are clean, the door is spotless, and the door mat doesn’t carry every pets’ hair in 2 block radius. I like this home and am eager to talk to these home-owners.

Feb 20

Sell my home in Colorado Springs, in 2011

Sell my home in Colorado Springs

Frequently, especially now, I spend a lot of time counseling sellers about selling or renting their home until the market improves. Or at least improves in their mind. In my mind if you are able to sell your home in Colorado Springs in 2011 then please consider it a victory in finances

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